A native Californian, Jules left Virginia to relocate to Santa Cruz in August 2014.

Jules has been a photographer since 8th grade. Starting out with a used Olympus OM-1, film and a darkroom, Jules now takes a lot of digital photos with her DSLR and iPhone. An accomplished Instagrammer, Jules has posted over 7,000 photos. Her photos have been featured numerous times by pages all over the world.

Jules is also an award-winning Designer with over 25 years of experience. Jules entered the graphic design profession before Macs, back when a light table, X-Acto knife and a waxer were common tools of the trade, therefore Jules had the opportunity to build a strong foundation for her career in design. During her career, Jules has overseen as many as three designers.

Jules is fluent in Adobe Creative Suite. While working so closely with her Mac over the years, Jules has also become fluent in all things Mac.

Over the past 30 years, the majority of Jules's work has been with publications: weeklies, monthlies, catalogs, etc., but her work is not limited to publications. Jules has designed many display advertisements, logos, business cards, invitations, street banners, wedding programs, a cookbook, street light banners and more.

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