I am a native Californian, I left Virginia to relocate to Santa Cruz in August 2014.

I have been a photographer since 8th grade. Starting out with a used Olympus OM-1, film and a darkroom, I now takes a lot of digital photos with my DSLR and iPhone. An accomplished Instagrammer, I have posted over 7,000 photos. My photos have been featured numerous times by pages all over the world.

I was a portrait photographer for Sears while I was in college. A portrait of mine hung in the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz as part of the See, Be Seen Exhibit from May – September 2018. I am currently the photographer for GoodTimes and Edible Monterey Bay Magazine.

In addition to being an accomplished photographer, I am also an award-winning Designer with over 25 years of experience. I entered the graphic design profession before Macs, back when a light table, X-Acto knife and a waxer were common tools of the trade, therefore I had the opportunity to build a strong foundation for my career in design. During my career, I have overseen as many as three designers.

I am fluent in Adobe Creative Suite. While working so closely with my Mac over the years, I have also become fluent in all things Mac.

Over the past 30 years, the majority of my work has been with publications: weeklies, monthlies, catalogs, etc., but my work is not limited to publications. I have designed many display advertisements, logos, business cards, invitations, street banners, wedding programs, a cookbook, street light banners and more.

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