A good photograph begins with a connection.

I have been told I have a special gift for connecting with people.

I started my career as a portrait photographer for Sears while I was in college. More recently, my portrait of Fabulous Fiona! hung in the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz as part of the See, Be Seen Exhibit in 2018. My photographs have been published locally in GoodTimes and Edible Monterey Bay Magazine.

In addition to being an accomplished photographer, I am also an award-winning Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience. I entered the graphic design profession before Macs, back when a light table, X-Acto knife and a waxer were common tools of the trade, therefore I had the opportunity to build a strong foundation for my career in design. During my career, I have overseen as many as three designers.

Over the past 30 years, the majority of my work has been with publications: weeklies, monthlies, catalogs, etc., but my work is not limited to publications. I have designed many display advertisements, logos, business cards, invitations, street banners, wedding programs, a cookbook, trade show booths, street light banners and more.

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My Business Cards

Iā€™m often asked where I get my business cards, so here you go:


(831) 420-0710


Iā€™m often asked about my jewelry, so here are links to my two favorite LOCAL jewelers:
Amling Designs ā€” Handmade Artisan Jewelry with Good Vibes
This Tiny Ocean ā€” Handmade Minimalist Sea Glass Wares